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  • Label: Incarcerated Flow Productions
  • Label Type: unsigned
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    (Richard Carson Lewis) Rikky was born on september 8th of 1991 in logger FL. Moved to North Carolina by the age of 2 and from there on a journey started . His mom raised him due to problems with his dads drug addiction. he was searching for role moldels all threw out his life , an thts why in middle school 6th grade , things went dwn hill, first it was juvi , after getting out of juvi 1 thing he missed most was music an listening to his favorite cds, an tht was nothing but 2pac, he would listen to 2pac for hours an hours, 2pac had came into his life an Rikky had a role model,.. how ever later on dwn the road round 8th grade Rikky quit goin to school. he was 16 years old when he quit an 16 years old when he went to the county jail / Pender county jail. after the jail scene there was more to come with being Incarcerated. while he was in jail he made a song call locked up an one called bitches aint shit , when he got out he had a connect with a studio an was being produced by Lil G (Gary Clark ) of Wilmington N.C., He was producing a album called phsycotic thoughts. the album didnt get finished due to More trouble in Rikkys life . while the music was guiding his soul he got raided by the Pender county Sheirfs dept. along with the detectives an gang unit.. Rikky was very hot an allways being watched close by the Goverment Officials.. he ended up being charged with manufacturing marajuiana , maintaining an dwelling , manufacturing counterfit substances an breaking an entering. tht all happened in 2009. Rikky ended up getting sentanced to high rise prison in Morganton N.C. as he was Incarcerated his Producer moved away to indiana so his connect was gone. he had an idea in prison an thts where his label came from. He was Incarcerated , at the same time writing Flow , he put it together an it went so good , "INCARCERATED FLOW PRODUCTIONS" yes every thing does happen for a reason. An his name is Crazy-C da wyte 2pac for many reasons , he is very spiritual and all bout supernatural energy threw the 3rd eye, he is very aware about the world an whats goin on with the goverment, but most of all wants to put the goverment on blast, for his childhood role model "Tupac Shakur" for his murder, . cuz 2pac was putting them on blast / the illuminati , 2pac started saying KILLuminati in his songs, an shortly after he was tryna tell the world bout the evil in it he got shot , an no one knows the real story...there are so many reasons tht Rikky wont say why his name is crazy-c da wyte 2pac, he says "some things just got to reveal to peoples eyes "
  • Influences: 2pac
  • Sounds Like: CRAZY-C DA WYTE 2PAC
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